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Mathematica 3.0 NeXT Part 1 of 4


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Statement from Wolfram Research ! A Comprehensive System for Doing Mathematics by Computer


Instructions: We split Mathematica 3.0 into 4 parts so we do not have to upgrade to a much more expensive monthly webhosting plan and it also saves you money; as we are on a shoe string budget please read! We had to split the Mathematica for NeXT CDR image into 4 separate images :

The Mathematica CDR file is huge at 667Mb however it fits onto 1 700mb cd.

So I had to invent a way to make it work with the shopping cart software we use, webhost, the ftp server with a ~ 200mb limit download bottleneck that cuts out after 60 seconds.

I first create a clone image of Mathematica either a cdr or iso file of the original software image using terminal or disk utility in MAC OS X and to prevent time outs on the download use the little Split and Concat app below to split it into 4 parts this page is Mathematica part 1 of 4 , you basically pay $19.95 for  Mathematica part 1 of 4 and add the Mathematica parts 2, 3 and 4 to your shopping cart free.

Brilliant a this generates 4 Mathematica ~ 200mb download links after you pay and check out that are emailed to you.


You open your email and cut and paste the links into your browser, it will start a binary download of each file, so you will have Mathematica parts 1 through 4 downloaded happily into your download folder.

Also to stitch it easily back together is so easy, Simply Download and install the free Split and Concat app link below if you are using Mac OSX , once more it is very easy to use. You choose concat from the Split and Concat app then highlight Mathematica part 1 from your download folder and pick a folder where you would like it to put your stitched back together Mathematica package,

The Split and Concat app pieces Mathematica together for you in a few seconds and it finds the other 3 pieces automatically putting it into the folder you choose, check the file size if it is 667Mb you have an perfect Mathematica CDR image.

To make a Mathematica CDR useable by NeXT simply Drag that image into your Mac OSX disk and drop into into the left column, insert a 700mb cdr into your drive and choose burn , highlighting the Mathematica .cdr image that is in disk utility left hand column. It will burn Mathematica 3.0 cdr for you and verify it. 

You can fire up your NeXT computer with cdrom attached and powered on and it will allow you to run Mathematica 3.0 in demo mode on NeXTSTEP or Openstep all platforms, make sure your NeXT scsi cd supports the 700mb disk at the rate at which you choose to burn it .

I am willing to walk you through this on the phone at 303-741-9998 best regards Rob Blessin  

This free Split and Concat App for MAC OSX makes it easy to piece your 4 pieces of download together with just 1 click! I haven't tried a solution for Windows yet , PS... it should take about 30 minutes to do this so if you don't want to go through all of the above; we can also make you a CD for a small fee $10 & $19.95 and $6 US $20 international shipping.



Scientists, engineers, mathematicians, financial analysts, and many others take advantage of Mathematica's powerful numerical, symbolic, graphical, and programming capabilities. Mathematica's numerical capabilities include: algebraic and differential equation solving, integration, linear algebra, statistics, linear programming, and higher mathematical functions. It provides symbolic solutions of algebraic and differential equations, integration, differentiation, series expansion, and limit, as well as polynomial expansion, factorization, and simplification.

Mathematica's graphical capabilities allow you to create two- and three-dimensional graphics, contour plots, and density plots, all in exportable, publication-quality PostScript form. Most versions of Mathematica also support animation and sound. In addition to using Mathematica's many built-in functions, it's easy to define your own functions in Mathematica's high-level programming language, which supports procedural, functional, and rule-based programming styles. Almost every aspect of Mathematica is under user control, and Mathematica programs written on one computer system can be run on any other.


Please note Wolfram no longer have the old NeXT downloadable version on their site. We have exclusive permission to distribute Mathematica 3.0 via ISO , we no longer have the ability to register licenses however it runs in DEMO mode ,


I'll also make a downloadable Mathematica version 1.0 which was originally bundled with NeXTSTEP 1.0 and did not have an independent license but it will only work on NeXT black hardware running  up to version 3.3 as something changed in Openstep and it won't work , it is on my list of things to do as of 11/11/2012!

Price: We now have permission from Theodore Gray , the original developer of Mathematica at Wolfram Research to reproduce and distribute Mathematica for the NeXT platform, I think  $19.95 is fair to cover our costs and help keep the lights on.

We are psyched to be able to offer this  for anyone owning an earlier version of Mathematica for the NeXT platform you will be able to upgrade to 3.0 in DEMO mode, 

MATHEMATICA 3.0  only runs in DEMO mode because we no longer can generate licenses through Wolfram, we have tried with them but they changed their code key generator so we are currently stuck in DEMO mode

but it is better than no Mathematica at all!

This is the best we can do this late in the game as it is 10/25/2012!



Yes - Motorola
No - Intel
Yes- OpenStep Committed

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