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NeXTstation Mono Turbo

NeXTstation Mono Turbo

* NeXTstation  Turbo : Motorola MC 68040 @ 33 Mhz *


NeXTstation computers combine state-of-the-art technology with an object-oriented operating and development environment into an easy-to-use, affordable professional workstation.
Powered by the Motorola 68040, both the 25-megahertz NeXTstation™ and the 33-megahertz NeXTstation Turbo offer an unprecedented number of features at an affordable price. Each system features two new NeXT-designed VLSI chips, Motorola’s 56001 Digital Signal Processor, as well as built-in networking capabilities. The result is a class of workstations ideally suited for creating and deploying custom mission-critical applications and running world class productivity applications.

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